Alang is home to the biggest ship breaking yard in the world. The small town, situated in Gujarat produces tonnes of steel and iron scrap every year which is no surprise considering the yard has the capacity to dismantle as many as ships each year.

There are many iron scrap dealers in and around Alang and Bhavnagar, the district in which Alang falls. The scrap iron is used in other industries to produce iron products, steel products, build vehicle parts, machinery, pipes, sheets and more. As Alang generates large quantities of scrap iron and steel every year, it is important to know the Alang iron rates when planning to make investments from iron stocks.

Any investor looking to invest in the commodities market and seeking to make profits from iron rates should first understand the iron market and uses of iron. Iron is a relatively cheap metal that is used to manufacture a lot of products. A majority of iron is used to make steel. Alang, being a town of ship breaking yards, generates tonnes and tonnes of scrap iron and steel annually.

The scrap iron is then sent to re-rolling mills that then convert it into steel or iron products. A wide variety of iron products are manufactured in Bhavnagar district.

Some of these products are ovens, engine cylinder blocks, woks, furniture, roofing material, motor vehicle bodies, boats, machine tools, hulls of new ships, machine parts, building parts and bridges. The iron that has been converted to steel may be used to produce cutlery, utensils, steel furniture, cans, containers, buildings and construction material, motor vehicle parts, hospital equipment, navigation equipment, electrical equipment, metal cutting tools and drills.

Once an investor understands the various uses of iron and operations of the iron industry, he or she can keep a tab on the rise and fall in demand for iron based products. The investor should also study iron rates, loha prices, loha raddi rates over various periods of time to gain better understanding of the commodities markets and factors that affect it. Iron is a very strong metal and is quite in demand in India due to the growth of infrastructure and construction in India.

However, keeping abreast of iron prices and market trends is important at all times so as to successfully conduct Alang iron trading and investments. Alang iron rates and iron trading market trends can be found out through a variety of means. There is news, newspapers, market related journals, magazines and the internet. However, compared to other mediums, the internet is easily accessible from anywhere at any time.

Investors can access Bigbits. A key advantage of using Bigbits is that the site is updated regularly and it also provides a subscription based SMS service that sends real time updates on iron rates and iron prices to registered customers. Incase investors have any queries or concerns they can also contact Bigbits support at any time. Alang Iron Rates Alang is home to the biggest ship breaking yard in the world.

Alang Iron Industry Iron is a relatively cheap metal that is used to manufacture a lot of products. Alang Iron Trading Once an investor understands the various uses of iron and operations of the iron industry, he or she can keep a tab on the rise and fall in demand for iron based products. Alang Iron Rates Alang iron rates and iron trading market trends can be found out through a variety of means.

alang machine market

Search Search for:.Build a front page for your WooCommerce store in a matter of minutes. The neat and clean presentation will help your sales and make your store accessible to everyone. Test load 50t. Radius of 42m with free angle of slewing of degrees. Bansal Group was established by Mr. Kapoorchand Bansal and Mr. Raj Bansal. Initially the group worked the field of rail tracks and locomotive scrap. With the experience of more than 35 years, Bansal group is now a diversified business group engaged in the field of: Ship Breaking Industrial Oxygen Gas Manufacturing Export import of scrap, minerals, metals, machineries and machine tools.

We are one of the key initiators who work in the Alang Ship Breaking yard since Than after we always took the lead in all kind of business and social activities like Oxygen Manufacturing business or assuring safety to our workers at the yard. At present company is having two ship breaking plots with approximately 2 acres of working area.

Both of these plots are at Alang ship Breaking Yard, Bhavnagar, India, which is the largest ship breaking yard in the Asian continent Bansal group is now one of the most sizable businesses in the recycling industry with a total turnover of nearly We are one of the key initiators who work in the Alang Ship Recycling Yard since Than after we always took the lead in all kind of business and social activities like Manufacturing of Industrial Oxygen assuring safety to our workers at the yard and Factory.

Kapoor Bansal and Mr. With the experience of more than 35 years of Ship Recycling, Bansal group is now a diversified business group engaged in the field of Ship Recycling, Manufacturing of Industrial Oxygen Gas, Real Estate or dealing in scrap, minerals, metals, machineries and machine tools. About Overview - Bansal Group of Companies. Our Achievements ISO — Ship Recycling Activities and sale of recyclable material such as steel, equipment, machineries and sale of other materials obtained from ship.

Get in touch. Your Name. Your Email. Your Message.Post a Comment. The ship-scrapping yard at Alang is known to be one of the most hazardous places to work in India. Two of every workers died in a 10 year period, and the rate of death is nearly 6 times higher than in the mining industry. People are working in the worst conditions possible.

Their main job is to cut great ships apart with torches and salvage whatever can be resold. A few main causes of death are falling from heights, fire, and getting hit by falling objects. In addition to that, the industry is affecting the natural environment by contaminating it with toxic materials. Environmental and health justice activists are trying their best to turn these tragic events around to make the situation better.

Stakeholder Analysis:. There are many stakeholders who are involved in this case:. Workers: Although the job is very risky and unsafe, workers from impoverished regions in India are traveling miles to find jobs at Alang. Although Mehta is not for unsafe work, he supports the ship-breaking industry because it brings economic benefits in Alang.

Environmental and human rights groups: They argue that the methods that are used at the Alang shipyard are threatening both the workers and the environment surrounding Alang, affecting the health of the residents. Also, they argue that safety precautions are almost non-existent and must be measured and practiced appropriately. Alang Shipyard: The industry believes that it is cheaper to use hundreds of laborers to tear apart a ship than to rely on machines operated by fewer but much higher paid workers.

Jim Puckett, Seattle-based activist: Jim is an environmental and health justice activist who believes that changes could hurt the profit margin at Alang. The ethical issue:. The main ethical issue in this case is that workers are not provided with a proper working environment. There are no safety precautions or trainings, which causes numerous fatal accidents and grave injuries to the workers. Another issue is that removing asbestos and other toxic materials from the ship damage the natural environment and the health of the residents of Alang.

As mentioned above, the method used to process these activities of removing parts from the ship cannot be properly done without the help of machines. There is no legal issue faced by the Alang shipyard. Alternative courses of action:. The alternative courses of action are either to provide a better working condition and environmental justice by implementing the safety precautions and trainings and appropriately upgrade the shipbreaking procedure by obtaining machineriesor leave the matter as it is for the maximum profit margin.

Under the deontology theorythe shipyard industry must choose the first option.


Deontology can be best described as absolute rules for right behaviors, and it basically states that everyone must be treated equally under the universal principle of morality.

Regardless of the consequence, one must always do what is moral or ethical. In this case, in order to implement the safety system and proper procedures on removing toxic parts from the ship, Alang Shipyard must sacrifice their profit.Our offered Nelson Welding Stud Machine is widely appreciated by our customers, which are situated all round the nation.

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alang machine market

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alang machine market

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alang machine market

View Contact Details Send Inquiry. Report Incorrect Details. Contact No. Download Tradeindia App Now. Contact Details. Mobile : Mobile no. Phone no : Phone no. How to Get Quotation Quickly? Your Inquiry s has been successfully received.

Tell us little more about your requirement. Requirement Frequency One Time. Thank You.Along with dismantling of ships, many other ancillary industries provide employment to lakhs of people of Bhavnagar district. All information and photographs on this Website are copyright.

Please do not copy and put on your own site and claim its your own. In a little time 32 years Alang-Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard is now established its place all over the world Read More Please Login to View Details. Only Paid Member can view more Details.

United States Dollar. Ship News. Main Category. Sub Category. Guest Column. Rameshbhai Doshi President, A.

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Recent Blogs - Reports. Tide Time. High Tide. Current Financial Year. From to Till Date. Low Tide. Ship Breakers. Ship Brokers. Ferrous-Non Ferrous Metal Traders. Flanges Manufactures. Doors Traders. Electrical Goods Traders. Furniture Traders. Insulation Goods Traders. Kitchenware Traders. Machinery Item Traders. Navigation Item Traders. Provision Store. Ship Materials Bhavnagar Market. Government Office. Chartered Accountants. Alang Ship Position April Ship Demolition Activity Report AugustAll rights reserved.

For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Mitul Thakkar.

Used machinery Dealers Alang

The km drive from the district centre of Bhavnagar to the maritime graveyard at the AlangSosiya Ship Recycling Yard is bumpy and unpleasant. But for a few years now, this road has witnessed a growing stream of bargain hunters from all over India on an unlikely shopping expedition.

It is taken apart to the every last valuable ounce of metal, and recycled. The process entails consequences to the environment. But along the long road that leads to Alang, a cottage industry has sprung up, selling every reusable part found in a ship, ranging from furniture to crockery, carpets, consumer goods such as television sets and refrigerators and all kinds of knick-knacks.

Because of the bargains to be unearthed, and because goods that are not commonly found elsewhere can be bought here, the place attracts hoteliers, factory owners, art collectors see boxhome makers and others who come looking for the remains of a vessel.

Kitchen equipment makers use much better grade of steel to cater to the marine business, Vaja says. Utensils, refrigerators, coffee makers, sandwich grillers, platforms, hotplates, dish washers, steam cattle, vegetable cutting machines, soda makers, dough makers and ice cube makers used in ships all have very robust build and are sought after by the hospitality sector.

Nearly a thousand shops dotting the main road sell used goods. There is no guarantee, but there is a bargain to be driven at every store. Many goods-especially electronics and home appliances-can be of very high quality, and feature designs not commonly seen in India. This is true also for furniture, carpets and other such household items.

Crane Market - Buy, Sell & Rent Cranes with Ease!

Boats, gym equipment, video games, navigation equipment, machine parts, tools and heavy machinery are also found in abundance. This has turned Alang into a hot destination for small businesses. Factory owners from industrial centres such as Jalandhar, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad and Coimbatore come here looking for used diesel generator sets, motors, welding equipment, turbo chargers, oil purifier, heat exchangers, cooling towers, navigational safety equipment and other such industrial products.

Toothpicks to TV Sets Traders dealing in different products visit the vessel once the ship breaker is through with clearances from customs, the pollution control board and the maritime board.

Traders negotiate with ship breakers for the entire cache of goods in their category. Payments are made within a month of delivery that comes in phases once workers start dismantling the ship. Over the years, traders have become highly specialised and many boast a loyal clientele that come from afar to buy from them.

Girish Dave of Bhagwati Traders is among the earliest entrants in the trade and owns a shop close to the yard. Hence, I have started dealing with ropes and fishing nets.The vending machine market is experiencing high growth due to a rise in the development of the energy-efficient solutions by manufacturers that will help companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Players operating in vending machines market are developing eco-friendly and recycling vending machines to provide sustainable technologies for reducing the environmental impacts.

Some of the major players, including Coca-Cola, are developing smart vending machines that are integrated with these recycling technologies. Such regulations are encouraging the development of sustainable vending machines. Some of the major countries that have a high consumption rate of the soft drinks include the U. However, the U. Retail outlets in these countries are involved in automating their outlets by incorporating vending solutions.

They are utilizing these automated technologies to serve different types of beverages to their customers, thereby enhancing the shopping experience. Such factors are expected to drive the intelligent vending machine market growth.

Retail store owners are incorporating such advanced technologies to provide sophisticated solutions to their customers, which will save the time that they spend in queues. This helps in accelerating the shopping process with a detailed product overview and various payment options.

The incorporation of such smart solutions in stores is driving the sales and profitability of the retail businesses, thereby accelerating the market demand. Increasing applications of smart dispensing solutions at public transport hubs such as airports, railways stations, and bus stands are predicted to accelerate the vending machines market. These transportation hubs are engaged in transforming their manual operational techniques to automated technologies.

The Europe vending machine market is rapidly growing owing to the rising adoption of smart technologies for serving customers in several application areas. These machines are allowing customers to change their mode of payment to cashless transactions. Countries including Sweden, Germany, France, the UK, and Italy are developing various initiatives and programs to digitize the payment process. Sweden is a leading country to adopt stringent guidelines for transforming itself into a cashless economy.

Royal Vendors, Inc. The growing adoption of these sustainable technologies in several industrial segments will propel the market. Global Market Insights, Inc.

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