Enter in the field above the Hull Identification Number from which you want to obtain information. Most boats will have a HIN attached or stamped into the hull.

This website is born from the need to adapt something simple to this system. A friend told me the idea of developing something like that, then we got down to work creating hindecoderz. This site aims to offer easily any vehicle data to any user who requests it for free. We are two guys from Spain who are passionate about technology and the automotive industry and are open to new ideas. If you want to write us, tell us something or invite us to a beer, please use this email:.

Please notice that vehicles manufactured before may have less symbols than today's ISO standard VIN consisting of 17 characters. What is VDS? VDS is used to specify a type of vehicle and may include information about the model, platform, engine and transmission.

What is VIN? The first three symbols identify the manufacturer of the car. If you want to write us, tell us something or invite us to a beer, please use this email: contact hindecoderz.All vehicles, whether automobiles, trucks, motorcycles or snowmobiles, have a unique identification number.

The Vehicle Identification Number VIN provides a number of characteristics about a vehicle, including manufacturer, year of manufacture and specific factory-installed options. A snowmobile VIN contains 17 digits that reveal a number of meaningful attributes of the snowmobile. It is possible to decode the VIN of your Yamaha snowmobile, if you can read the number.

It is fairly easy to crack the code of your snowmobile's VIN. Find the VIN for your snowmobile. On a Yamaha snowmobile, the VIN is located on the right side tunnel, where you rest your foot while riding. Interpret the first digit of the VIN as the country of manufacture. A number one or four signifies the snowmobile was manufactured in the United States, while a two signifies Canada and the letter "J" signifies Japan.

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Make certain that the second digit of the VIN is a "Y" to signify that the snowmobile was manufactured by Yamaha. Verify the year of manufacture with the 10th digit. The years to and to are signified by the digits one through nine. The letters A through Y, skipping the letter I, signify to The letter A is recycled for Notate the 12th through 17th digits. These will indicate the relative manufacturing order of your particular snowmobile.

The number would indicate the first snowmobile off the line. Contact Yamaha for the significance of the 3rd through 8th digits.

yamaha serial number decoder

These signify the particular attributes such as body style and engine type, and their significance changes from year to year. Jefe Nubarron has been writing technical articles since He has been published in technical magazines and on popular websites. He has a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and is working on additional coursework towards a master's degree. Ignore the 9th and 11th digits.

These are a check digit and assembly plant, respectively.Free yamaha vin decoder vehicle identification number decoder system and vehicle history reports for yamaha. Yamaha vintage dirt bike id. Decoding Yamaha Vin. Vintage yamaha vin lookup. Find detailed data by yamaha vin number. If your bike is vintage call yamaha at to see how long your vin should be.

Yamaha vin decoder lookup and check yamaha vin number and get build sheet for free. Lookup and check yamaha history. How to read a yamaha motorcycle vin number. Check yamaha vehicle history. Collectors and restorers of the famous two stroke dual sport motorcycles from yamaha from through the 70s. Check yamaha identification number and get vehicle. Free motorcycle atv side by side scooter vin decoder lookup.

How to identify an old yamaha from its engine numbers. I ve been getting a lot of email over the last few years in the don t ask column about folks trying. Find out the year make and model from your vehicle identification number vin. The vin should be used for proper identification.

Every prefix from a yamaha vehicle identification number vin number refers to a model code. Here we have a list from all prefixes and model codes including their. By kate evelyn. Lookup vehicle identification number is the first thing you should do before you buy. Vin Chart Utan Shinestar Co. Suzuki Model Identification. Yamaha Outboard Model Identification Guide.

My Suzuki Pages Faq Identification.

yamaha serial number decoder

Yamaha Year Models Hunts Marine. Suzuki Engine And Frame Numbers Yamaha Model Code Information.Registration is fast and you can even login with social network accounts to sync your profiles and content. This topic will stay pinned and if you find any to add, please do it with a reply. They didn't help at all with my older Big Bears.

Just knew it was a Yamaha Grizzlybut not sure of year and looks like some differences. For instance my old fourtrax late 90s was on the front of the frame. Same for a few of my bikes.

I'll check it tomorrowI looked the other day but didn't see anything, but I didn't have good light. OkI did find it on the frame rail in front of the shifter. Numbers are hard to read but still can make out a good many of them. They even match up with my Title.

Looks like the frame took a hit there at one time. Wipe the excess off or lightly sand it and take a pic. Just an idea. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

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Free Motorcycle Identification Number (VIN) Decoder & Lookup

Not a member? Yamaha ATV Forum. Search In. Do you own an ATV? Join our Forum! Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted June 30, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted November 10, Very Helpful, Thanks. Posted July 20, Good info. Posted July 30, Very helpful thank you. Posted August 1, Wonderful, thanks. Posted September 27, By xvAugust 8, in Yamaha Workshop. Here's a link to a Yamaha site that analyzes your VIN to tell yr of mfg and displacement.

Handy check of yr of mfg if you are buying a used bike or ATV. I am trying to correctly identify a xvrh 5H The Vin de-coder asked for a 17 digit number. This 'bike has only this number stamped into the frame and also into the engine. Trying to confirm date of manufacture, original colour, and original market? Anyone have any idea? Does anyone know of a correct email address for the American and Japanese Corporates?

All help greatly appreciated. It is like many other bikes: They do not use the standard european or US-american VIN, they fall back to their own system:. I am becoming an old Fart.

I read through the article in your link and I was completely fascinated!! Hi I am also trying to find info on my Yamaha xt since found out it's an 82 model using the vin number but as the member earlier wrote the website asks for 17 digits and I only have 9, this being : 12V, I note that the engines and frames originally had the same numbers on them, but the engine has 12V on it, a later engine change.

I bought it as an off road bike, and have been trying to get the original registration number from both Exeter and Swansea vehicle licencing centre, but I seem to have drawn a blank, as they keep on passing me from one dept to another, I know that I could re-register it for on road use by having 'Q' plates, but quite honestly I'd much rather use the original number plates, any info would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance Nev. I have recently aquired an xj with which i plan to build a chop, the previous owner lost the reg document and plate so i dont know the reg number. Can i find this out somewhere on line by inputting the vin number? Any help greatly appreciated. Hi folks I found this email address, I sent them a polite email and my engine number and they got back to me the very next day with date of manufacture, model of bike and a code reference number for ordering spare parts, may be worth a try.

First off, I registered with this site primarily to did a little bit deeper to the full description of the Yamaha VIN meaning. I ama professional insurance motorcycle appraiser based here in Calgary, AB. When I complete an appraisal I like to include the customers VIN and explain what the 17 digits mean. The same should be true for the Yamaha, but there seems to be a lack of information out there. In Yamaha's case what is a Yamaha Road Star digit and the list goes on.

I am hoping someone on this board can shed some much needed light on the subject and is willing to share their knowledge. Having the same problems here tracking my Vin 2n, just sent an email to the link that Migthy Mule suggested will keep updated. I got a response back from Yamaha on that email I sent.You may have to look around to find it, and if your ATV has nerf bars installed it may be hard to see all of the number.

Also, don't confuse the engine number, which is mounted on the engine, for the VIN. Once you have found the VIN you will have to decode it. Look at the first three digits of the VIN. The first digit represents the country in which the ATV was made. The number 1 or 4 indicates the U. The second digit represents the company that made the ATV.

The third digit represents the type of vehicle or manufacturing division. Read the fourth through eighth digits.

These digits represent the attributes of the ATV, such as body style and engine type. The engine type code is different than the engine number that is mounted on the engine.

Look at the ninth digit. This is called the "check digit. Read the tenth digit. This digit represents the year that the ATV was made. This letter or number can repeat the "A," for examplebut the codes of the other digits in the VIN allow you to know in which year the ATV was made.

Furthermore, in the example of "A," the manufacturer may make the same body style or use the same engine for a few years, but if a particular ATV has a newer body style and engine, then the "A" in the VIN will represent and not Look at the eleventh digit.

This digit represents the assembly plant of the ATV. Read the twelfth through seventeenth digits. This sequence represents a sequential production number.Determine the year, make and model of most popular ATVs, motorcycles and Scooters. Motorcycle VINs are usually stamped into the steering neck of the motorcycle. This is located just behind the front forks, behind the headlight if equipped.

Many scooter VINs are stamped into the frame rails. Often times you will have to remove scooter bodywork to locate the VIN. We have seen many scooters with VINs stamped into the left side frame rails and some with them stamped into the right side frame rails.

Additionally, many scooters include an identification plate or sticker that will aid in scooter identification.

Check the front and rear wheel wells along the right or left side. The letters I, i, O, o, Q, and q are never to be used so as to avoid confusion with numerals 1 and 0.

Character 1 The first character of the VIN tells us which region the motorcycle was manufactured in.

yamaha serial number decoder

Character 2 The second character, when combined with the first character denotes which country the motorcycle was manufactured in.

Character 3 The third character is used by powersports manfacturers to identify the vehicle type. It could be a motorcycle, ATV or scooter. Not every manufacturer uses the same codes. Characters 4 — 9 These characters are known as the Vehicle Descriptor Section.

yamaha serial number decoder

Characters 4 through 8 provide information about the model, engine size and body style options. Character 9 is a check digit that is used to determine if the VIN is correct. Characters 10 — 17 These characters are known as the Vehicle Identifier Section. The 10th character indicates the marketing model year of the vehicle, not to be confused with the year of production. For example a Honda CBRRR most likely has a date of production in — it was produced for the marketing year. Characters 11 through 17 indicate the assembly facility, available options and the production number as it rolled off the assembly line.

I have a Suzuki cc quad and the previous owner does not know the year or model — all the stickers are missing too. I used the Cyclepedia VIN decoder and was able to figure out the year and model — you guys are awesome! Now I can start ordering parts and get it going.

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